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Alaska’s Seward Peninsula lies just below the Arctic Circle. The protuberant peninsula is the millennia old home to the Inupiat Eskimo, situated in the northwest of Alaska - a land that stirs the adventurer’s spirit and kindles the insatiable. Visions of paleo-Arctic ancestors, sweeping tundra, rugged mountains, winding rivers, compacted beaches, intact ecosystems, and a land before contemporary time excite the Iglaak – the traveler, stranger, and visitor.

This three-minute film is a snapshot of a fat-bike and packraft tour through the Imuruk Basin, the villages of Mary's Igloo, Brevig Mission, Teller, and Nome.

Alaska Thaw

“Alaska Thaw is the 2018 Winner of the the Witnessing Change Video Competition. Filmmaker Bjørn Olson’s short film uses images of the people and landscape of his home state of Alaska to create a haunting film that elicits the connection between history, memory, and landscape, and questions what it means for all of these things when thousands of years of culture and geological history starts to vanish in the space of a human lifetime.” - Colorado Environmental Film Festival

October’s Spell

The Fight For Bristol Bay

The United Tribes of Bristol Bay and the people of the region fight to protect their heritage and environment from the reckless development of Pebble Mine. 
Help stop Pebble Mine by visiting -


Instruments of Adventure - Trailer

Watch the trailer for the short adventure film, Instruments of Adventure. 


Instruments of Adventure

Five friends traverse a large swath of southern Alaska by sea kayak, fat-bike, and packraft. Through interviews and footage, shot underway, the adventurers share their experiences and reflections about their journey. 
Traversing wild landscapes by human-power isn’t a quest to achieve enlightenment. You might, but that’s not the point. Counteracting a cresting wave with a high brace, wheelie dropping into a ravine, or exacting surgical execution of a discovered line through beach boulders all will cause you to lose yourself in single-minded focus and flow. 
The instruments of adventure are meant to be played - ideally, with like-minded friends in primordial hinterlands.


Icy Bay Mega-Tsunami

Oct. 17, 2015, Taan Fjord, Icy Bay, Alaska. The friction that held silt to silt and rock to rock began giving way. Those first rocks shoved more rocks, and then more still. Some 200 million metric tons of rock slid down the mountain in a crash that must have been deafening. It hit the ocean, sending up a wave that peaked at nearly 600 feet high. The wall of water stripped alder thickets from the hillside, tossed boulders up hills and carpeted the land in rubble from the bottom of the ocean. No one noticed. Read more HERE


The Future, the Past, and Whale Oil

In the midst of Alaska's current, ill-conceived fossil fuel frenzy, Senator Tom Begich (D-Anchorage) delivered a historic speech on the floor of the Alaska Senate re: climate change, and the energy transition from fossil fuels to a low-carbon alternative energy future:
For more information about renewable energy in Alaska visit: Alaskans Know Climate Change


How to Talk to a Climate Change Denier

For more information about climate change in Alaska please visit: Alaskans Know Climate Change 


PMA on the Adventure Trail

A short film about riding the Adventure Trail with a positive mental attitude.



An Arctic cycling odyssey from Nome to Kivalina, Alaska. 


Hunting for Monsters - Trailer

Watch the trailer for the short film, Hunting for Monsters. 


Hunting for Monsters

Lake Iliamna, Alaska's largest lake, is home to many native communities, the worlds largest sockeye salmon run, potential site of the controversial Pebble Mine and the elusive Lake Monster, Illie. On a hot mid-July Bjørn and Brent were deposited to the far shore of Cook Inlet in a landing craft cargo ship and began their human powered journey through Iliamna country to Bristol Bay, hoping to catch a glimpse of the illusive creature and slice of Alaska where monsters can still roam free. 

Read article about the trip HERE


Heart of Alaska - Trailer

Watch the trailer for the award-winning film Heart of Alaska. 


Heart of Alaska

Watch the feature-length and award winning Mjölnir film Heart of Alaska for free. 


Hig, Erin and their two children walk out of their comfortable home on a cold March predawn morning and begin a four-month human powered expedition around Alaska's Cook Inlet. While carrying food, camping gear and other necessities for their survival, the family also carries a question – 'what do you think the future of Alaska will look like in 50 years?'

Beyond expansive mudflats, rivers, and streams and over headlands and miles of uninhabited beaches there exists a patchwork of communities. From small native villages to Alaska's largest city, Cook Inlet is the Heart of Alaska.

Through adventure, inquiry, chance encounters and in-depth conversations this film aims to pause long enough to ponder what the future of Alaska will look like for the two adventuring toddlers in this film and their peers.
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re-Evolution - short



Qajaq - Teaser


Where the Heck is Donlin?

Watch the half hour adventure documentary, Where the Heck is Donlin?

For most Documentarians, a camera, mic, and tripod are the most important equipment. This Alaskan couple first requires fatbikes, packrafts, and warm sleeping bags to make their film, as they travel hundreds of miles over the rugged terrain of the Alaskan wilderness. Through mosquito tsunamis and sub-zero temperatures, Bjorn and Kim discover firsthand just how enormous the influences of open-pit gold mining in the roadless wilderness could be.

Life in the 'Bush' is hard by many standards. A subsistence fisherman realizes that the salmon run will not be enough to support his family. An Iditarod dog musher takes a wrong turn and winds up 50 miles off track in the middle of the night. Meanwhile, a multi-national mining conglomerate seeks feasible profits in a place that is hundreds of miles from existing infrastructure.

'Where the Heck is Donlin?' Most Alaskans have never even heard of the Donlin Gold Mine, despite the fact that this proposal would dwarf every gold mine in the state's history. Information on this project is scarce, and failed to answer many of Bjorn and Kim's critical questions. So they took their inquiry to the trail, to meet people see the land, and learn about the social, economic, and environmental impacts of large-scale mineral development in this rural region.

It turns out that Donlin is possibly just around the bend, but what exactly this spells for the fate of the Kuskokwim region, and Alaska at large, is still very vague. The purpose of this film is to ignite conversation, raise awareness, and promote critical thinking as decisions are being made now that will affect future generations for centuries and perhaps millennia to come.

If you would like to know more and or would like to become involved with the Donlin Gold EIS process, visit or join the Donlin Gold Working group:


HB77 - The Silencing Alaskans Act